Translucent Highlighter Powder
Translucent Highlighter Powder

    Translucent Highlighter Powder


      The luminous and bright texture gives a trendy pearly look for a beautiful aura.

      Wear over makeup or on bare, moisturized skin for a velvety smooth finish.


      FTV.Style BEAUTY TIP:

      "I am hooked on this highlighter. I always finish my makeup by adding the highlighter over my makeup, especially over my eyes – it adds radiance and sets the whole look." 


       HOW TO USE:

      Apply to the areas where you want to add extra radiance.

      • Dab brush № 2 into the highlighting powder, tap off any excess powder and glide the brush to the top of the cheeks below the eyes, onto the center of the nose and to the chin area in a sweeping motion. Blend well.
      • With brush № 12 can be used on the chest bone for emphasizing purposes.
      • Highlighting brown bone will give an instant visual eye lift.
      • For a natural look, apply a bit of the powder – just enough to add the radiance.