Hyaluronic Firming Minute Mask

    Hyaluronic Firming Minute Mask


      Minute Mask provides maximum skin-shaping results. This luxurious mask, boosted with the unique extract from stem cells of Globularia Cordifolia, Hyaluronic acid, and Hamamelis leaf extract, helps firm the skin appearance and visibly eliminate age signs and blemishes.

      This product is powered by:

      • Collagen - to help enhance skin hydration, resistance, and flexibility for a plumper, more youthful-looking skin;
      • BETOXYNOL-4™ - an exclusively patented complex, which captures potent Omega 3-6-9 along with essential vitamins and delivers them to the skin, making it look healthy.


      FTV.Style BEAUTY TIP:

      " It is amazing what a difference a minute can make. I especially use this lovely mask before an important event – it really tones and tightens. I look years younger. "


      HOW TO USE:

      Clean skin thoroughly, making sure no moisturizer, makeup or any other oily residues remain. Apply a light layer with one brisk stroke over dry skin. Smooth over fine lines and wrinkles, avoid any contact of the product with eyes. Keep your face expressionless for one minute; you will feel a tightening sensation, this is normal. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use daily. For best results, follow by using Hyaluronic Firming Facial Serum.