Luxuriant Crystals Hydra Fountain Capsules

    Luxuriant Crystals Hydra Fountain Capsules


      This perfectly dosed, capsulated night serum is designed to keep all the ingredients fresh until they are activated by contact with the skin. The combination of nourishing ingredients in this serum helps refill missing deposits while aiding in the repair of skin texture appearance.

      This product is powered by: 

      • Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids - or a maximum hydration;
      • Argan oil - to moisturize dry skin and improve elasticity, for a visibly clear and smooth facial skin texture appearance;
      • Super moisturizing Birch Tree Sap - to hydrate, nourish, and re-energize the skin;
      • Quartz Crystals - to recharge your skin with new energy and to grant a vital beautiful aura.


      FTV.Style BEAUTY TIP:

      " I apply this night capsulated serum half an hour before I go to sleep so that the skin absorbs it better and it will not rub off on my pillow. "


      HOW TO USE:

      Use scissors to cut off the edge of the capsule and gently squeeze the contents of the capsule onto fingertips. Smooth over clean, dry skin of your face and neck area. Allow the formula to be completely absorbed. Use every night as your nightly serum.