Body Butter Set

    Body Butter Set


      These beautifully scented solid butter bars melt at body temperature to eliminate any dryness. A real treat for an addictive pleasure.


      • FASHION SHOW ELBOWS BUTTER BAR - a luxuriously rich butter bar is enriched with shea butter, borage seed oil, rose hip oil, and evening primrose oil for an extra boost of moisture to nourish, beautify, and smooth the elbows skin, which tends to dry and appear uneven, forming dark patches.

      FTV.Style BEAUTY TIP:

      " Elbows are unwieldy, knobby and generally awkward-looking, so I make sure
      to not overlook this spot. This butter bar provides a quick fix so I can feel confident to show off my arms. "



      • DAILY STAR FOOT & HEEL BUTTER BAR - a luxuriously rich butter bar is infused with shea butter, lavender leaf extract, calendula oil, borage seed oil, primrose oil, and mint leaf oil for an extra boost of refreshing, soothing, and rejuvenating benefits and to provide a healthy glow to dry and cracked feet and heels.

      FTV.Style BEAUTY TIP:

      " I have a love relationship with high heels, but since I can’t do without them I relax and pamper my feet at least twice a week with his magical butter bar."



      HOW TO USE:

      For best results, apply after the shower to the towel-dried skin. Glide the bar over dry elbows or feet and heels. Gently massage the skin with your hands until the butter is fully absorbed. Indulge daily.