Checkmate Pink Pearl Spot Gel

    Checkmate Pink Pearl Spot Gel


      This Spot Gel will accelerate the clearing of breakouts appearance of your skin thanks to the benefits of the Salicylic acid. 

      This product is powered by:

      • Salicylic acid - to help the skin shed dead cells and by decreasing uneven skin tone appearance, promotes skin renewal without damaging and clogging the pores;
      • Refreshing Tea Tree oil, Nettle Extract and Allantoin - to keep a high level of skin hygiene;
      • Oleanolic acid AC.NET™ acid based patented complex - to fight oiliness and breakouts and provide a uniform texture appearance;
      • BETOXYNOL-4™ - an exclusively patented complex, which captures potent Omega 3-6-9 along with essential vitamins and delivers them to the skin, making it look healthy.  

      FTV.Style BEAUTY TIP:

      " I love that this gel has tea tree – it really helps my skin. I use the gel before I go to sleep so my skin has enough time to take it all in. But if I have breakouts, I use it whenever – it really clears the skin. "


       HOW TO USE: 

      Apply to freshly cleansed face as needed to targeted areas. Use up to three times a day.