Freshwater Facial Cleansing Soap

    Freshwater Facial Cleansing Soap


      A soft and gentle cleanser, enriched with refreshing ingredients, specially designed to keep a high level of skin hygiene.

      This luxurious facial soap melts away dirt, grime and makeup residues. Removes dead skin cells as well as excess oiliness, leaving the skin clean and supple.

      This product is powered by:

      • Spearmint leaf extract - to clean and condition;
      • Green Tea leaf extract and Aloe Vera leaf juice - to soothe and refresh.


      FTV.Style BEAUTY TIP:

      " A great way to finish your day. I do not allow this soap to sink into the skin though. I rinse it off quickly – I feel it cleans better this way. "


      HOW TO USE:

      Gently massage into damp face, avoiding contact with eyes. Finish by rinsing thoroughly. Use daily. For best results, follow by using Freshwater Pearls Facial Clarifying Milk.