On The Spot Light - Beauty Supplement

    On The Spot Light - Beauty Supplement


      The best solution for pure, breakouts-free appearance. Clarifying dietary beauty supplement for oily and combination skin.

      Helps heal and rejuvenate the skin, deeply cleanses and maintains skin's oil balance, provides the antibacterial and antifungal effect, protects against skin infections and reduces surface shine, keeping healthy skin complexion.

      Based on Green Tea Leaf, Zinc, Vitamin E, Turmeric Root, Pau D'arco and Echinacea Herb.


      FTV.Style BEAUTY TIP:

      "Now that I have my FTV miracle capsules, I will never be caught with my guard down. No more surprises in the mornings of my photo shoot. I look forward to my blemish free future..."


      HOW TO USE:

      Take 1 capsule after a meal with a glass of water.